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Are your breathing habits negatively affecting every aspect of your life? 

Living Breathing Proof

Jenny Carr

 I loved the content of the class yesterday. Your cues, imagery and ability to really explain what mindfulness and body acceptance means are second to none. Thank you! 

Moira MacLean

 I just did your session. It has been one of my "go-to" restorative practices during the Pandemic! I woke up with my ribs and scapula hurting, low back... blah, blah, blah... Anyhow, I did the mindful breathing practice you lead on the blue ball and finished up feeling like a new person! Thank you! 

Jen Crowther

 Honestly, I have never felt better and stronger than when I work with you. Over the years, your style of teaching has made me passionate about movement, like no other. Thank you! 

Mary Morrissey

 After 20 years of your increasingly effective and always excellent classes….. your presence has become an essential and treasured element in my life.                

Deborah Conlon

 You are the “ultimate” in my books. The instructor I compare all others to. Your love and thirst for knowledge in your profession makes you shine. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to learn from you. 

Nona Fuller

 You have given me the knowledge and mindset to move throughout my life in a body that is strong and functional. I will carry this wisdom within me forever and am eternally grateful to you. 

Rhonda MacVicar

 When I started Breathwalking, my BOLT score was around 18. I wasn’t really focused on the score as much as how I was feeling during the practice. In the beginning, I wasn’t able to hold my breath very long. I got winded, dizzy, even a little panicked.

After some time, a calmness set in. My breath holds soon began to energize me. I felt strong and clear headed. My BOLT score today, one year later, is 36! Not only has this practice improved my physical well-being, it's been a lifesaver during a very stressful chapter in my life. I cannot recommend this enough.

Ulla Wagner

 You are a true pioneer!!! Without you the mindful movement community would not be the same.


Kim Kraushar 

 I've spent my life as an active, fit, food-conscious person, but my health wasn't always on my side. Even through my challenges I've always believed in the body's innate healing intelligence and the importance of mindful movement to see me through. Over the last few years, I've taken a deep dive into the vastness of breathing research and practice. I've become so inspired, amazed and enthralled by the science and power of breathing it's become my most powerful tool. Today, I'm inviting you to participate in transforming your health and vitality one breath at a time.

Three Key Take-Aways From Breath: A True Story

I’ll bust 5 common myths about breathing and forever change your relationship with your nose.

Lose the Woo Woo - I’ll deconstruct and demystify breathing techniques and simply share the science.

Don’t Undermine Your Design by unconsciously sabotaging your capacity to manage stress and anxiety, get a restful nights’ sleep, maximize your fitness performance, and much more!

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